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Unfiltered voice of the people — everywhere.

Notewalk is a geo-social playground. It's the one app you need to visualize and discover chatter nearby, and to leave notes about your experiences.

Visualize and discover chatter

Notewalk is the perfect app to discover something new nearby. Of course, you can find out what's hot in the next city, but going local is more than a trend, it's a way of life. Great things are happening around you, right now. Let Notewalk show you.

Write something & place it on the map

Write a note and place it on the map publicly, or keep it private for future point of reference. Whichever way you decide to use Notewalk, we think you'll find something useful. There's something in it for everyone.

A different kind of a map

Notewalk helps give the map we generally use to find direction to our destination a more social and collaborative significance.

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